Iā€™m an award-winning museum design professional with more than 30 years as Graphic Designer/Art Director at the Exploratorium in SF. Along with a seasoned expertise in interactive exhibits, my work experience includes exhibition and event design, identity design and visitor research. As a visitor/user-centric designer, I collaborate closely with exhibit developers, curators, scientists, artists, and content experts. As a Creative Director I use design forums to foster mentoring, inspiration, critical thinking and collaboration among designers.

I recently returned from a yearlong around the world Design Sabbatical, exploring all the ways that communication arts intersect with real environments and direct experience. I've returned, but my Design To Go blog lives on by popular demand (featured through SEGD). As an artist I practice collage as an alternative way to explore the relationship between word and image. To keep my sanity, I play accordion and am a Taoist Tai Chi instructor.

Exhibition Design Services
I'm available to share the wealth of my experience. I have a strong eye for exhibition design and a unique worldly perspective.

As a design consultant or advisor:

  • Facilitate team brainstorming and design goals

  • Share design examples to raise relevant questions and facilitate design discussion

  • Synthesize content to explore curatorial strategies, narratives, unique arrangements or voices

  • Provide design briefs to articulate goals and design strategies

  • Mentor designers through informal design forums

As a design journalist:
Travel writing by assignment on exhibition or graphic design

+1 415-290-0195


Amy Snyder and Gayle Laird, Exploratorium staff photographers are responsible for the (best) photos on my site. Thanks!