Collage Postcards

If graphic design is the arrangement of word and image to communicate a pre-determined message, then for me collage is graphic art in the service of mystery, an unconscious arrangement of found word and image to discover complex meanings. For me, this practice of creating visual poems of experience,complements the rigor and constraints of graphic design work.

I began a series of postcard size collages as I departed for a yearlong around the world Design Sabbatical, Design to Go. I photographed each one in location, and  arrived home with 176 in my backpack. Finding the practice valuable, I decided to continue... Considered a form of sketching for design, the postcards are featured in an SEGD Sketchbook.


Collage Placemats

Servings: Dinner Party Art is a series of 80 laminated placemats. The collages were created on top of a life-size black and white photo of a place setting. The actual dinner plate covers the collage. Life dishes it out; food, sustenance, hunger and nourishment are interesting themes and a vehicle for accidental meanings.


Collage Books

I find that collage books are a useful medium to explore how multiple, disparate narratives can interact in different ways as they move through the page layout. Life is Short, for example, is a cut window book that moves from birth to death, along with haiku and household tips.




Design to Go (Postcards)
Servings (Placemats)
Life is Short (Book)
Lip Reading, Principles and Practice (Book)
This is Not (Book)
On Not Being Able to Paint (Book)
Told at Sunset and Other Curious Songs (Book)
Art Therapy (Collage Workshop)