Exploratorium Spring Gala

Event design is fleeting and theatrical. My favorite annual Gala was Immerse Yourself in the Arts. The space and lighting design took inspiration from my graphic design concept of mixing the primaries of white light. The program booklet cover, tablecloths and flowers were all stark white....until they picked up the beautiful colored shadows from the guests, their table settings....


Exploratorium Science of Cocktails

For this annual event, we wanted to honor the bar as a scientific laboratory and the bartender as a creative chemist. We focused on the beautiful tool kit of a mixologist.


Exploratorium After Dark

Afterdark is an ongoing monthly series for adults only, where science, art installations, and mediated experiences merge around changing themes. Fear was an edgy focus where "tension" was desirable. It was a rare opportunity to test images representing specific fears with visitors.


Events include:

Exploratorium Spring Gala
Science of Cocktails
Ongoing After Dark Themed Events
Play is Serious Business
Seeing/Knowing Conference (Minerva Foundation)
From Jungle to Lab (Webcast)