Strandbeest Exhibition

Strandbeest The Dream Machines of Theo Jansen with Photography by Lena Herzog. This was an exhibition that exemplified the Exploratorium's approach to art & science. Our design strategy combined Art (as theatrical space), Natural History (as interpretation) and Workshop (as process). I played a central role in facilitating the creative process of the Strandbeest exhibition team. As 2D designer I was responsible for design briefs, exhibition and event graphics, website design, print collateral, store products, and coordination with marketing.


Science of Sharing

Science of Sharing: Investigating Competition, Cooperation and Social Interaction. My challenge as 2D designer was to create a welcoming and safe environment for visitors to explore their own social behavior. I designed a set of human icons to express social behavior as both universal and variable. Caption-less images allow visitors to make their own connections to current real world issues. The content is organized around important "social dilemmas". Interactive game arenas enclosed by floor graphics invite visitors to not only participate, but to observe each other’s behavior as social scientists would.



Pier to Exploratorium. Working with photography is always gratifying for me. I collaborated with photographer Amy Snyder to design this story of the conversion of Pier 15 (above and below water), into a LEED museum building. I was inspired by the spray paint language of construction sites, using steel plates and deep frames. The actual seismic joint is incorporated into the exhibition. Along with the environmental and architectural story, we focused on tools, materials, and honored many of the construction workers with personal portraits.



I was lucky to be a designer at the Exploratorium for more than 30 years. Steeped in deep interactive philosophy, interesting ideas and rich collaborations were a daily experience for me. I was allowed to wear many hats. The museum floor was a fluid stage for constant experimentation. I'm grateful for the spirit of rapid prototyping that kept my design thinking fast and versatile.



Exhibitions include:

Science of Sharing
Pier to Exploratorium
Being Human
Magnetic Movie
Boundaries: It All Happens At The Edge
(AAM Excellence in Exhibition Design Award)
Navigation (Smithsonian, DC)
Seeing the Light (IBM Gallery, NYC)