Interactive Use Drawing Strategy

My work on interactive exhibit "use drawings" began in 2001 at Technorama, Switzerland, where I designed a graphic system for multi-lingual visitors (5 languages). A visual language strategy allows visitors to get started quickly without reading, cuts down on the number of instructional words needed, represents a spectrum of real visitors, and shifts the tone of voice from technical to invitational. In six months, I designed and illustrated 150 exhibit labels.


At the Exploratorium I continued to develop interactive label strategies in collaboration with exhibit developers, artists, visitors, writers, evaluators and curators. In 2013 I helped to establish museum standards for functionality, consistency, and flexibility across the changing museum floor. Aspects of my exhibit label work are highlighted in Beverly Serrell's Exhibit Labels, An Interpretive Approach, 2015, and the EDGE Study, 2016, focused on design for girls.


Visitor Research

I was involved in both formal and informal visitor research at the Exploratorium. As a thinking partner in the A.P.E. project (Active Prolonged Engagement) I helped investigate ways to increase time spent by visitors in open-ended exploration at our exhibits. After defining specific types of interactive and engagement behavior, I modified exhibit labels, analyzed video of solitary and social visitor behavior, and designed the original research publication.


Interactive Prototyping

Iterative prototyping is essential to interactive exhibit development. When the Queens Library of NYC partnered with the Exploratorium to create exhibits for their new children's wing, constraints included limited space, need for quiet, and no loose exhibit parts. Because we weren't able to prototype on site in NYC, we built a rolling rapid-prototyping station to use with our own visitors before testing in a local San Francisco library.


Projects include:

Technorama, Switzerland
Going A.P.E.
Queens Library
Science of Sharing
Being Human
On-going Artists-in-Residence installations
Tinkering Studio Maker's exhibits
On-going exhibit refurb projects
Matter World