Headlands Journal

I have always enjoyed collaborating with artists on publications. As graphic designer for the Headlands Center for the Arts during their founding years, I was responsible for six annual Headlands Journal yearbooks, reviewing the work of artists in residence, Headlands Talks, and other events to create a record of the meaningful themes of each year.


Becoming Citizens

Becoming Citizens is photographer Susan Schwartzenberg's profound documentary about family life and the politics of disability, following the second world war. The book tells the intimate stories of thirteen Seattle families as they became involved as political activists for "Education for All". It was an honor to work on the timeline design concept and photo-centric layout of the book.


Exploratorium Quarterly

The goal of the Exploratorium quarterly magazine was to communicate ideas that the museum exhibits can't easily demonstrate, extending the museum beyond it's physical walls. Each issue examined a single topic from multiple viewpoints of science, art and human perception. This approach allowed an investigation of interconnections between apparently unrelated phenomena. Over a 15 year period, I worked closely with editorial and photography, collaborating in creating content as well as design layout .


Publications include

A Telegram from Marcel Duchamp (David Prowler)
Album Familiar (Ann Chamberlain)
In Full View (Heyday Press, Headlands Center for the Arts)
Life of an Oak (Heyday Press)
Are We There Yet?
(AAM Museum Publication Competition Award
Educational Resources, Honorable Mention)
Science Across Cultures Series